Media Engagement - Fun Facts

Sandra serves as the co-host of KSYL’s Talk Back - a live, two-hour, daily radio call-in show that discusses politics, public policy, community affairs, entertainment news and sports.

Sandra has voiced dozens of radio commercials for businesses of all sizes and genres.  As a professional emcee, she provides voice-over work for commercials, videos, and audio presentations.

Sandra is a freelance journalist covering the US Infrastructure and P3 markets for a global publication.

P3 Airports 2023

Strategic Communication/Media Engagement

Strategic Communication/Media Engagement The Project: Assist a national media company in rebranding their infrastructure conference series by enhancing program content and increasing attendance and sponsorship revenue. The McQuain Group Role:   Sandra McQuain was named the national emcee for the 2023 conference series and took an active role in assisting the media company with conference…


Strategic Communication/Community Relations

Strategic Communication/Community Relations The Project: Assist a city manager and their P3 development and communication teams to create a community engagement strategy to garner public support for a downtown redevelopment initiative. The McQuain Group Role:   The McQuain Group was tasked with rebranding the project and developing messages and talking points for public officials, public…